VIDEO: Scientific evidence shows that your mind can heal your body

Dr David Hamilton is Whole Science's mind body expert  and in this fascinating short video, he details the science behind how your mind can heal your body. Listen as David takes you through the techniques of visualisation and intention, and shows you what a profound effect your thoughts have on the physical processes of your body. David has written 'How your mind can heal … [Read more...]

Video: How your mind can heal your body

Is it possible that your mind can heal your body? Our resident mind-body expert, Dr David Hamilton, speaks about the research in his book 'How your mind can heal your body' in this Hayhouse video. Dr Hamilton has collected substantial evidence on the potential of the mind in healing and details stories from many individuals who claim to have healed themselves of an injury … [Read more...]

Interview with Dr David Hamilton on Mind Over Body

 Dr David Hamilton is one of our experts here on Whole Science. His research into mind-body science has enabled him to discover some miraculous research which uncovers the mind's healing power over the body. This interview explains how David first began his work in communicating these important findings... … [Read more...]

The Science of Visualisation

In this video, scientists explain how visualization is used by sports stars and athletes to improve their performance. Research at Edinburgh University shows that the brain doesn't know the difference between visualising a task or actually doing it. … [Read more...]