The science of the heart

The heart is universally known as a symbolic expression of love.  Expressions such as 'heartfelt appreciation', or that something 'came from the heart' or 'heart wrenching' show that strong emotion is felt in the area of the heart. But what most people don't know is that the heart produces the body's most powerful electromagnetic field, that can be detected several feet … [Read more...]

Positivity Research: is there evidence to be positive?

Barbara Fredrickson is a researcher into positive emotions. Her positivity research has been commended by Daniel Goleman, founder of Emotional Intelligence. One sunny afternoon in April, I interviewed Barbara Fredrickson.  Barbara  is a positivity expert. She is a professor and researcher at the Positive Emotions and Psychophysiology lab at the University of North Carolina at … [Read more...]

Optimistic patients live longer, says study

Can optimistic patients live longer than those who are not so positive about their health? Apparently so, according to a study at Duke University Medical Center. Here's the original story, first reported by the New York Times. Date: 28th February 2011 Source: New York Times 'Heart patients who were optimistic about their treatment and recovery were more likely to … [Read more...]

Program your mind for positivity

We all wish we could be more positive in certain situations. In whatever area of our life we get down about, whether its our career, our finances, our health, our relationships or ourselves, a positive attitude is something that we need to cultivate, until it becomes a habit. Realising we have conscious control over our thoughts is the first step to positivity. Quite often, … [Read more...]

Don’t want to look old? Then think happy!

When you think about getting old, what thoughts or feelings spring to mind? brittle? complaining? confused, cranky? feeble? or active? alert? distinguished? knowledgeable? The University of Texas found that signs of frailty in the aging were much less pronounced from those with a positive, upbeat attitude than those who felt more pessimistic. The team of scientists carried … [Read more...]