Report: The Science of Meditation at the BA Science Festival

 The BA Festival of Science came to Liverpool in 2008, and Whole Science was there for an event called 'Sustaining Happiness: The Science of Buddhist Meditation'. What was the talk about?  The event centered around the importance of psychological well-being and happiness and its relation to health. Within this context, meditation practice and the development of … [Read more...]

British Psychological Society: Meditation ‘should make the curriculum’

Lessons in chanting, meditation, thinking and emotional skills can help school children’s wellbeing and even educational performance, claim psychologists presenting their research at The British Psychological Society’s Transpersonal Section annual conference.   “Modern education is designed to help children pass exams in numeracy, literacy, sciences and arts but other life … [Read more...]

What is meditation?

What is meditation? Meditation is a focused state of inner absorption whereby the individual consciously relaxes their mind to achieve a deeper state of awareness and inner calm. Why is it important? Meditation has recently begun to be scientifically studied, and the health benefits are varied, including improved psychological and physical well being. It is becoming … [Read more...]

Monks who have mastered mind over body

In this intriguing clip from the History Channel, we visit the famous Harvard study of monks practising a deep form of meditation called tum-mo whereby they dried cold wet towels on their backs just by practising visualisation techniques combined with deep relaxation. To find out more about the study, click here: … [Read more...]