Why practise meditation? By Wild Divine

Meditation is a way in which you can get acquainted with virtue in your mind so that you can have a calmer and more peaceful feeling. Having a peaceful mind is beneficial in helping you become free of your worries….

Schoolboys getting classes in meditation and stress relief


Source: The Telegraph Date: 14th January 2010 ‘Schoolboys at the leading public school, Tonbridge School, in Kent, are receiving weekly 40-minute classes in meditation and stress relief…’

Meditation ‘should be available on NHS’


Date: 5th January 2010 Source: Guardian News ‘Meditation techniques should be widely available on prescription, say experts today, pointing to evidence that emptying the mind is more likely to help people out of the cycle of recurrent depression than pills….’

Meditation ‘eases heart disease’

meditation science

Date: 17th November 2009 Source: BBC News ‘Heart disease patients who practise Transcendental Meditation have reduced death rates, US researchers have said…

Training in meditation helps cope with pain

Date: 11th November 2009 Source: The Times of India The study, which examined the perception of pain and the effects of various mental training techniques, found that relatively short and simple mindfulness meditation training can have a significant…

Benefits of meditation by Dr Peter Malinowski


Whole Science caught up with Dr Peter Malinowski, Lecturer and Researcher at Liverpool John Moores University, about the event ‘Sustaining Happiness: The Science of Buddhist Meditation’