Collecting evidence for Hypnobirthing: new NHS trial

Is there evidence for Hypnobirthing? The NHS is trialling a study in Tameside, Greater Manchester. This news report below by BBC News covers the story... Date: 19th May 2011 Source: BBC News "Expectant mothers at a hospital in Greater Manchester will be able to try hypnobirthing, as part of an NHS trial. Tameside General Hospital is introducing the technique to women … [Read more...]

Is belief the drug? Yes, according to pain research

Is belief the drug? Yes, according to a recent study. If the subjects were told that something was going to be painful, their mind made it so, further giving evidence to the power of belief and the placebo/nocebo effect. Here's the story, first reported by the BBC Date: 16th February 2011 Source: BBC News "A patient's belief that a drug will not work can become a self … [Read more...]

How a placebo reduces pain: Scientists move closer to cause

Scientists are looking into why and how a placebo reduces pain. A placebo could be a sugar pill, or a saline injection - something with no discernible effects, and yet still have the same effect as a drug - depending on what the patient believes about what he or she is taking. This goes to show that belief is the drug- and our minds can work just as effectively as some … [Read more...]

Testing the strength of the placebo effect: new evidence

What is the strength of the placebo effect? Can our minds really trick our bodies to heal, or reduce pain? If so, then our minds are a far more powerful healing tool than we first thought. Here's a story first reported by The New York Daily News. Source: New York Daily News Date: February 20th, 2010 "Popping a placebo may actually have a biological effect on the … [Read more...]

Video on the placebo effect: Its the thought that counts

It's the thought that counts: are our thoughts powerful? The placebo effect is just starting to become more recognised in mainstream medicine . Dr David Hamilton, our resident mind-body expert, shares his research in his book 'Its the Thought that counts' for this HayHouse Video. Dr Hamilton used to work in the pharmaceutical industry and got into the mind-body field … [Read more...]