Video on the placebo effect: Its the thought that counts

It's the thought that counts: are our thoughts powerful? The placebo effect is just starting to become more recognised in mainstream medicine . Dr David Hamilton, our resident mind-body expert, shares his research in his book 'Its the Thought that counts' for this HayHouse Video. Dr Hamilton used to work in the pharmaceutical industry and got into the mind-body field … [Read more...]

Marilyn Schlitz on the next Scientific Revolution

Marilyn Schlitz, president of IONS, discusses the changes that are happening in science with the discovery of the mind's potential... Whole Science asks: Do you think there is a shift in science occuring? Tell us below! … [Read more...]

Bruce Lipton on the biology of belief

Bruce Lipton, author of the Biology of Belief, explains why it is our perceptions, not our genes, that determine our health... … [Read more...]