How a placebo reduces pain: Scientists move closer to cause

Scientists are looking into why and how a placebo reduces pain. A placebo could be a sugar pill, or a saline injection - something with no discernible effects, and yet still have the same effect as a drug - depending on what the patient believes about what he or she is taking. This goes to show that belief is the drug- and our minds can work just as effectively as some … [Read more...]

Testing the strength of the placebo effect: new evidence

What is the strength of the placebo effect? Can our minds really trick our bodies to heal, or reduce pain? If so, then our minds are a far more powerful healing tool than we first thought. Here's a story first reported by The New York Daily News. Source: New York Daily News Date: February 20th, 2010 "Popping a placebo may actually have a biological effect on the … [Read more...]

Hypnosis affects brain: new research

'Hypnosis affects brain', says new research. Apparently the brain shows 'real effects' from hypnosis that are not the same as relaxation. Here's the story, first reported by BBC News: Date: 16th November 2009 Source: BBC News Hypnosis has a "very real" effect that can be picked up on brain scans, say Hull University researchers. An imaging study of hypnotised … [Read more...]