Believe you are healthy: A Ted Talk on the placebo effect by Dr Alia Crum

Dr Alia Crum, a Harvard graduate, speaks at TedX Traverse City about the power of the placebo effect.   She talks about some fascinating placebo studies in the talk, including:   The exact dose of morphine was administered to two patient groups; one group was given morphine by their pre-loaded syringe - the other group by their doctor. The ones that had … [Read more...]

Believe you have slept well: the power of ‘placebo sleep’

'Placebo sleep', or believing you have slept well, even if you haven't, could be another way the placebo effect is demonstrated in our lives. A recent study suggests that it might not be how much sleep you have, but your thoughts about your sleep that guarantee how rested you feel and how well your brain works.    In this study by researcher Eric Horowitz, he and his … [Read more...]

Is aging a mindset?

Are you as old as you feel, or as young as you believe? Many people have heard the phrase 'you're as young as you feel', and recent research shows that maybe aging is a mindset. The story was first reported by Counseling Resource, in October 2014, and is detailed below. "A New York Times article recently mentioned a fairly dated but nonetheless revolutionary study … [Read more...]

Hypnosis research: ‘hypnosis speeds up op recovery’

Could hypnotising patients allow them to heal faster? This is what a team of medical experts in Belgium believe who are already trialling hypnosis research on patients undergoing surgery. Below is a link to the Daily Mail who have covered this news story: Date: 14th June 2011 Source: Daily Mail "Hypnotising women undergoing breast cancer surgery could speed their … [Read more...]

Hypnosis ‘should be used more widely to save the NHS millions’

Hypnosis used in the NHS? Yes, say medical experts. Using hypnosis could potentially save the UK millions of pounds by using the mind to relieve pain or stress. Below is an article from the Daily Mail who report on this story. Date:6th June 2011 Source: The Daily Mail   Hypnosis treatments could be used on a range of medical conditions to save the NHS millions of … [Read more...]