The mental imagery orgasm: Are orgasms all in the mind?

Is orgasm through mental imagery alone possible? Research into the science of the orgasm has uncovered that it is possible to have a mental imagery orgasm without physical touch. Indeed, they have even found that it is possible to orgasm through non erogenous parts of the body, including the knee and nose! It is a common experience to have orgasms through dreams, hinting at … [Read more...]

Visualisation key to improving sports performance

The idea of visualising, or mentally rehearsing, before an event is certainly not new. Some coaches even go as far as saying that sports are 90% mental and only 10% physical, and it is no secret that seasoned athletes already employ mental techniques. World champion golfer Jack Nicklaus quoted “I never hit a shot, not even in practice, without having a very sharp in-focus … [Read more...]

Visualisation improves healthy eating, says research

A research study published in Psychology and Health says that visualisation improves healthy eating. It does make sense that by training our minds, we can overcome cravings for unhealthy foods and start to eat better. Here's the story, first reported by Newswise. Date: 25th February 2011 Source: Newswise If you want to improve the way you eat, the best way to do so is … [Read more...]

Podcast with Sue Stone:How to focus your mind for success

Sue Stone is a living example of what changing your focus can do for you. Sue began to use her mind in a focused way when her husband left her with £250,000 worth of debt and with three children. She began to use the power of intention and mental imagery to focus on what she wanted out of live and her techniques have brought her extraordinary results- she now has a top … [Read more...]

How to visualize

Visualization, or mental imagery as it is also known, is becoming scientifically recognised as having benefits for the successful outcome of an event. Many people don't know how to visualize, or have trouble visualizing the exact thing they want. Here's a few tips to ensure you make visualizing part of your daily routine: 1. If you can, make sure you're in an 'alpha' brain … [Read more...]