VIDEO: Scientific evidence shows that your mind can heal your body


Dr David Hamilton is Whole Science’s mind body expert  and in this fascinating short video, he details the science behind how our mind can heal our body. Listen as David takes you through the techniques of visualisation and intention, and shows you what a profound effect your thoughts have on the physical processes of your body…     […]

Video: How your mind can heal your body

Our resident mind-body expert, Dr David Hamilton, speaks about the research in his book ‘How your mind can heal your body’ in a Hayhouse video.

The new science of healing: Greg Becker


Mind-body medicine has been slowly creeping into mainstream healthcare, and new movie The Living Matrix explains just how powerfully our mind can affect our body. The movie details how visualisation, intention, and belief can create rapid changes in the body, leading to a new ‘science of healing’ . Whole Science caught up with Greg Becker, who co-directed […]

Children can ‘imagine away’ pain

girl eyes closed

Date: 12th October 2009 Source: BBC News Children can be taught to use their imagination to tackle frequent bouts of stomach pain, research shows…

About Visualisation

What is visualisation? Visualisation is also known as Mental Imagery, or Visual Mental Rehearsal (VMR), and is a technique that has been proven to be extraordinarily successful in producing a specific outcome. Why is it important? Visualisation evidence suggests that our mind plays an important role in the creation of our experience, and therefore it […]

Podcast with Sue Stone:How to focus your mind for success


Sue Stone is a living example of what changing your focus can do for you. Sue began to use her mind in a focused way when her husband left her with £250,000 worth of debt and with three children…