Believe you are healthy: A Ted Talk on the placebo effect by Dr Alia Crum

Dr Alia Crum, a Harvard graduate, speaks at TedX Traverse City about the power of the placebo effect.   She talks about some fascinating placebo studies in the talk, including:   The exact dose of morphine was administered to two patient groups; one group was given morphine by their pre-loaded syringe - the other group by their doctor. The ones that had … [Read more...]

Is belief the drug? Yes, according to pain research

Is belief the drug? Yes, according to a recent study. If the subjects were told that something was going to be painful, their mind made it so, further giving evidence to the power of belief and the placebo/nocebo effect. Here's the story, first reported by the BBC Date: 16th February 2011 Source: BBC News "A patient's belief that a drug will not work can become a self … [Read more...]

How a placebo reduces pain: Scientists move closer to cause

Scientists are looking into why and how a placebo reduces pain. A placebo could be a sugar pill, or a saline injection - something with no discernible effects, and yet still have the same effect as a drug - depending on what the patient believes about what he or she is taking. This goes to show that belief is the drug- and our minds can work just as effectively as some … [Read more...]

About Belief and Placebo

What is the placebo effect? The placebo effect is a term used in medicine whereby someone's beliefs or ideas about a treatment make their body respond to a physiologically inactive procedure- either a ‘drug' or ‘surgery'. Why is it important? Belief and placebo are important because it means that our beliefs can alter our physiological chemistry, which is profoundly … [Read more...]

Harness the power of your beliefs: Create your own placebos

 Just think- 40 years ago, the notion that our mind may influence our body was considered a ridiculous notion. Our body was a machine, an object that we could only influence from the outside, not the inside. Now science has uncovered that actually, our mind and our emotions do have a significant effect on our health, determining whether we recover quicker from illness, and … [Read more...]