Sensory deprivation: exploring the flotation tank

I’ve been interested in altered states of consciousness for most of my life. From studying Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology at Liverpool John Moores University, to running my own hypnotherapy practice, I’m passionate about learning more about tools for wellbeing.   So when I was offered the opportunity to have another float at Calm Water, I jumped at the … [Read more...]

Is aging a mindset?

Are you as old as you feel, or as young as you believe? Many people have heard the phrase 'you're as young as you feel', and recent research shows that maybe aging is a mindset. The story was first reported by Counseling Resource, in October 2014, and is detailed below. "A New York Times article recently mentioned a fairly dated but nonetheless revolutionary study … [Read more...]

Optimistic patients live longer, says study

Can optimistic patients live longer than those who are not so positive about their health? Apparently so, according to a study at Duke University Medical Center. Here's the original story, first reported by the New York Times. Date: 28th February 2011 Source: New York Times 'Heart patients who were optimistic about their treatment and recovery were more likely to … [Read more...]

Video: How your mind can heal your body

Is it possible that your mind can heal your body? Our resident mind-body expert, Dr David Hamilton, speaks about the research in his book 'How your mind can heal your body' in this Hayhouse video. Dr Hamilton has collected substantial evidence on the potential of the mind in healing and details stories from many individuals who claim to have healed themselves of an injury … [Read more...]

Video on the placebo effect: Its the thought that counts

It's the thought that counts: are our thoughts powerful? The placebo effect is just starting to become more recognised in mainstream medicine . Dr David Hamilton, our resident mind-body expert, shares his research in his book 'Its the Thought that counts' for this HayHouse Video. Dr Hamilton used to work in the pharmaceutical industry and got into the mind-body field … [Read more...]