Meditation ‘highly effective for work-related stress’

By Charlotte Kaye A large scale study on meditation for work stress published last year shows evidence that workers who used Sahaja Yoga meditation, a kind of ‘mental-silence’ meditation, were less stressed and depressed compared to workers who used traditional relaxation techniques, or no treatment. What did the meditation study involve? Researchers at Sydney … [Read more...]

Meditation research: Does meditating make you happier?

Meditation research: Does meditating make you happy? If you are feeling down, could practising meditation help your emotional troubles? Below is a link to a news story from ABC news which covers some of the latest meditation research and how it can help your mental health and wellbeing.   Date: July 28th 2011 Source: ABC news 'A quiet explosion of new … [Read more...]

Meditation for PTSD ‘helps war veterans’

Does meditation work for PTSD? A recent study suggests that it might. Below is a link to the study, reported by Psych Central. Date: 2nd June 2011 Source: Psych Central "A recently published pilot study suggests the practice of Transcendental Meditation reduces symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. The study found that Transcendental Meditation produced … [Read more...]

New study on whether meditation can reduce ageing

Do you think that meditation can reduce ageing? It would be nice, wouldn't it. Cheaper than a wrinkle cream! The Guardian have reported on a study from The University of California. Date: 24th April 2011 Source: The Guardian "Scientists from a range of fields are starting to compile evidence that rather than simply being a transient mental or spiritual experience, … [Read more...]

NHS Choices: Meditation changes the brain

Meditation changes the brain? Hard to believe perhaps, but a recent meditation study has shown that deep relaxation can indeed change cells in our brain. Here's the story below, first reported by NHS Choices. Date: August 17th, 2010 Source:NHS Choices/Daily Mail "Meditation is proven to be the serene way to get smarter,” reported the Daily Mail. It said scientists … [Read more...]