Meditation ‘highly effective for work-related stress’

By Charlotte Kaye A large scale study on meditation for work stress published last year shows evidence that workers who used Sahaja Yoga meditation, a kind of ‘mental-silence’ meditation, were less stressed and depressed compared to workers who used traditional relaxation techniques, or no treatment. What did the meditation study involve? Researchers at Sydney … [Read more...]

Meditation research: Does meditating make you happier?

Meditation research: Does meditating make you happy? If you are feeling down, could practising meditation help your emotional troubles? Below is a link to a news story from ABC news which covers some of the latest meditation research and how it can help your mental health and wellbeing.   Date: July 28th 2011 Source: ABC news 'A quiet explosion of new … [Read more...]

Meditation for IBS: Mindfulness technique ‘may soothe symptoms’

Meditation for IBS: Irritable Bowel Syndrome Could meditation help with IBS, or irritable bowel syndrome? This uncomfortable disorder may be eased by slowing down the mind, recent studies have suggested. See below for a news story from Reuters Health which talks about mindfulness meditation and the research done at the Centre for Integrative Medicine.   Date: 1st … [Read more...]

New study on whether meditation can reduce ageing

Do you think that meditation can reduce ageing? It would be nice, wouldn't it. Cheaper than a wrinkle cream! The Guardian have reported on a study from The University of California. Date: 24th April 2011 Source: The Guardian "Scientists from a range of fields are starting to compile evidence that rather than simply being a transient mental or spiritual experience, … [Read more...]

Meditation for pain relief- better than morphine?

Meditation for pain relief is becoming increasingly recognised as a potential way to manage pain effectively, and might even be more effective than pharmaceutical drugs, one study suggests. We've already reported on using deep relaxation for the pain of childbirth, but what about when a heated probe is pressed into your leg?! Below is the original story, reported by the Daily … [Read more...]