Hypnosis affects brain: new research

'Hypnosis affects brain', says new research. Apparently the brain shows 'real effects' from hypnosis that are not the same as relaxation. Here's the story, first reported by BBC News: Date: 16th November 2009 Source: BBC News Hypnosis has a "very real" effect that can be picked up on brain scans, say Hull University researchers. An imaging study of hypnotised … [Read more...]

Can hypnosis allow us to get in touch with our ‘sixth sense’?

Hypnosis as a therapeutic tool for self improvement is now widely used, but the mysteries of hypnosis are still unsolved. What part of ourselves are we tapping into in this altered state of consciousness- could we access forms of knowledge that are not accessible via conscious awareness? For example, can hypnosis faciliate ESP (Extra Sensory Perception)? Is the hypnotic trance … [Read more...]

10 fascinating facts about hypnosis

Recently, Professor Speigel of Stanford University made headlines by stating "It is time for hypnosis to work its way into the mainstream of British medicine". The research into hypnosis is still in its infancy, however there has been enough studies, both in the lab and in the┬áthousands of therapeutic case studies,┬áto warrant further exploration into this mystifying state of … [Read more...]