Archives for February 2015

Believe you have slept well: the power of ‘placebo sleep’

'Placebo sleep', or believing you have slept well, even if you haven't, could be another way the placebo effect is demonstrated in our lives. A recent study suggests that it might not be how much sleep you have, but your thoughts about your sleep that guarantee how rested you feel and how well your brain works.    In this study by researcher Eric Horowitz, he and his … [Read more...]

The mental imagery orgasm: Are orgasms all in the mind?

Is orgasm through mental imagery alone possible? Research into the science of the orgasm has uncovered that it is possible to have a mental imagery orgasm without physical touch. Indeed, they have even found that it is possible to orgasm through non erogenous parts of the body, including the knee and nose! It is a common experience to have orgasms through dreams, hinting at … [Read more...]

The science of the heart

The heart is universally known as a symbolic expression of love.  Expressions such as 'heartfelt appreciation', or that something 'came from the heart' or 'heart wrenching' show that strong emotion is felt in the area of the heart. But what most people don't know is that the heart produces the body's most powerful electromagnetic field, that can be detected several feet … [Read more...]