How visualisation can heal: one man’s story

Date: 12th January 2015

Source: The Daily Mail

Dr Michael Moskowitz knows a lot about pain. He is a pain specialist after all, but one day, he got tested to the limit. He fell and broke his thigh bone. He decided to see if visualisation can heal, and help him reduce his pain. Here is his story, first reported in the Daily Mail.


‘Dr Moskowitz’s strategy was simple. When his pain started, instead of allowing those areas to be pirated by it, he ‘took them back’ for their original main activities, by forcing himself to perform the activities, no matter how intense the pain.

In April 2007 he put his theory into practice using visualisation exercises to overpower the pain. He knew two brain areas process both visual information and pain, the posterior cingulate and the posterior parietal lobe. Each time he got an attack, he began visualising his brain in chronic pain. Then he would imagine the problem areas shrinking.

‘I had to be even more relentless than the pain signal itself,’ he told me. He greeted every twinge with an image of that area of his brain shrinking, knowing he was forcing his posterior cingulate and posterior parietal lobes to process a visual image.

In the first three weeks he noticed a very small reduction in pain. After a month he never let a pain spike occur without doing visualisation. It worked. By six weeks, the pain between his shoulders in his back and near his shoulder blades had disappeared, never to return.

By four months, he was having his first totally pain-free periods throughout his neck. Within a year he was almost always pain free…’

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