Hypnosis research: ‘hypnosis speeds up op recovery’

Could hypnotising patients allow them to heal faster? This is what a team of medical experts in Belgium believe who are already trialling hypnosis research on patients undergoing surgery. Below is a link to the Daily Mail who have covered this news story:

Date: 14th June 2011
Source: Daily Mail

hypnosis research surgery“Hypnotising women undergoing breast cancer surgery could speed their recovery and reduce the odds of the disease returning, experts believe.

They say using a combination of hypnotism and local anaesthetic to put patients under also allows quicker discharge from hospital and leaves patients more satisfied overall..

Professor Roelants said: ‘There is still a lot of debate around the exact mechanism that allows hypnosis to reduce pain perception, but what is absolutely clear is that it does so.

Using a combination of hypnotism…”