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Hypnosis research: ‘hypnosis speeds up op recovery’

Could hypnotising patients allow them to heal faster? This is what a team of medical experts in Belgium believe who are already trialling hypnosis research on patients undergoing surgery. Below is a link to the Daily Mail who have covered this news story: Date: 14th June 2011 Source: Daily Mail "Hypnotising women undergoing breast cancer surgery could speed their … [Read more...]

Using the mind to heal psoriasis: An interview with Bethany Shackleton

Using the mind to heal the body; is it possible? Bethany Shackleton is a PhD student at the University of Manchester where she is studying the effects of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy on psoriasis. We caught up with her to find out more.... So Bethany, can you tell us a bit more about your study and why you chose this particular study? This study is a preliminary … [Read more...]

Hypnosis ‘should be used more widely to save the NHS millions’

Hypnosis used in the NHS? Yes, say medical experts. Using hypnosis could potentially save the UK millions of pounds by using the mind to relieve pain or stress. Below is an article from the Daily Mail who report on this story. Date:6th June 2011 Source: The Daily Mail ¬† Hypnosis treatments could be used on a range of medical conditions to save the NHS millions of … [Read more...]

Meditation for PTSD ‘helps war veterans’

Does¬†meditation work for PTSD? A recent study suggests that it might. Below is a link to the study, reported by Psych Central. Date: 2nd June 2011 Source: Psych Central "A recently published pilot study suggests the practice of Transcendental Meditation reduces symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. The study found that Transcendental Meditation produced … [Read more...]