Meditation for pain relief- better than morphine?

Meditation for pain relief is becoming increasingly recognised as a potential way to manage pain effectively, and might even be more effective than pharmaceutical drugs, one study suggests. We’ve already reported on using deep relaxation for the pain of childbirth, but what about when a heated probe is pressed into your leg?! Below is the original story, reported by the Daily Mail.


Date: 6th April 2011

Source: The Daily Mail

meditation for pain relief

‘Meditation can be better than morphine at easing pain.

A study has found 80 minutes of meditation training can quickly and effectively quell pain – and do it better than some of the most powerful drugs.

For the study, 15 healthy people who had never meditated before attended four,  20-minute classes to learn a technique called focus attention.

The training showed them how to concentrate on their breathing and let go of distracting thoughts and emotions.

They also underwent a series of brain scans, as a heated probe was pressed  against their leg, gradually raising the skin temperature to a painful 32C (120F).

Meditation greatly reduced the amount of pain they said they were in and its  unpleasantness, the Journal of Neuroscience reports.

The meditation study, conducted at the Wake Baptist Medical Centre in North Carolina, found that meditators…