Mindfulness and depression: does it work?

Mindfulness and depression: does it work? There has been an explosion in mindfulness research in the last few years. This story, first reported by the Express, demonstrates how mindfulness meditation can be good for depression.

Date: May 11th, 2010
Source: Express

“According to Buddhist philosophy, meditation is the answer to many human ills. If our minds are calm and free from fear we will know true health and happiness.


However there is growing evidence that a form of the technique, called mindfulness meditation, should be regarded as a potent treatment for patients who have suffered from depression. Studies show that those who have fallen into depression twice have a 70 per cent chance of relapsing, even if there has been successful treatment. Research has found that mindfulness meditation can cut those rates by 50 per cent.

Results have been so impressive that Nice, the government body that approves NHS treatments, now recommends this form of meditation.

There is concern that GPs are prescribing antidepressant drugs too freely. About 36 million prescriptions for drugs, including Prozac and Seroxat, are issued each year: that’s twice as many as in the Nineties. In future advocates say mindfulness meditation will become a viable alternative to antidepressants as a frontline treatment…” Read More