The Living Matrix Movie

The Living Matrix is a movie that will shake up your perceptions of reality, wondering what is possible for humankind.


Covering topics such as the placebo effect, heart coherence, bioenergetics and morphic field theory, ‘The Living Matrix’ encompasses the science of mind-body medicine and suggests a new science of healing.

The film is based around the premise that we all have responsibility for our health; and rather than external influences causing ill health, we actually have the ability to heal ourselves from the inside- by changing our ‘state’- our thoughts and emotions.

The film details how our thoughts and emotions create an informational ‘pattern’ that is then displayed in the body in the form of health or disease.

You’ll hear stories from the experts themselves of their own self-healing- Arielle Essex, who let go of her brain tumour, Marilyn Schlitz, who used intention to heal her foot, and Edgar Mitchell, who worked with Adam ‘The DreamHealer’ in order to heal himself of kidney cancer.

Overall, this is a very good film; packed with the latest research into healing and consciousness. Because there are so many ‘new’ concepts to understand (biophotons, epigenetics, heart coherence, etc), some viewers unfamiliar with the research may find it all a little difficult to take in.

Belief controls biology?!

So its worth watching several times and perhaps finding out a little more about the individuals involved and the work that they do.

The film is recommended for those who want to learn more about the science expressed here on Whole Science.

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  • There are many different topics covered by The Living Matrix. Some of these have very good science to back them up. Jim Oschman’s book is chock-full of information about how health and healing works in our body: small electrical potentials are used as cues to instruct the body on how to heal structural damage. The piezoelectric effect is used for the spark in cigarette lighters; who would have thought the same phenomenon would be used in our body to direct healing? Oschman’s book is amazing stuff!

    Parts of the movie discuss well-known and accepted concepts; other parts are pure speculation. Even worse, there is no indication for viewers which are which.

    The central thesis of “The Living Matrix” is that a so-called quantum-physics “field” influences our health and healing. Unfortunately, there is no science that supports this claim. The executive producer recently acknowledged this in the “infoceuticals” discussion on the facebook page “thelivingmatrix”.