Human Consciousness Research: The Rhine Center

S7300656The Rhine Center, located in Durham, North Carolina, is a center for the study of Consciousness. In fact, they were the first to explore the potential of the mind, with founder J.B Rhine and his wife Louisa starting telepathy experiments over 70 years ago.

When Joseph B. and Louisa Rhine joined Professor William McDougall at the newly founded Duke University in 1927, the field of investigation into psychic phenomena was known as psychical research. At that time psychical research was mainly concerned with working with mediums in the search for evidence of an afterlife.

J.B. Rhine recognized that answering the survival question depended first on investigating the ability of the living to gain psychic or psi information by other than sensory means (telepathy and clairvoyance), an ability for which he used the term extrasensory perception (ESP). Rhine began testing Duke students with specially designed cards to study ESP and later used dice machines to study psychokinesis (PK), the movement of objects by mental intention alone.

By 1935 Rhine’s experiments into the unexplained powers of the mind had shown sufficient promise to justify the creation of a special unit, the Duke Parapsychology Laboratory, where under his guidance and with help of a growing team of graduate students and colleagues, a new science was born, the experimental science of parapsychology. In 1937 the Journal of Parapsychology was founded as an independent peer-reviewed professional journal to provide an outlet for reporting the findings from the Duke research as well as from other laboratories at home and abroad.

In 1965, with the help of benefactors such as Chester Carlson, the founder of Xerox, J. B. Rhine started the Foundation for Research on the Nature of Man (FRNM) and moved it off campus where the work continued with S7300653broader connections to other workers on both a national and international scale.

 For the next thirty years FRNM served as a parent organization to the Institute for Parapsychology, its major research and education institute, and the Parapsychology Press, its publishing branch. In 1995, the centenary of J. B. Rhine’s birth and 15 years following his death, the FRNM was renamed the Rhine Research Center to honor the Rhines and their unique contributions to parapsychology.

Today, research continues into consciousness phenomena such as ESP, Psychokinesis, and the science of intention.


Discover More:The Rhine is the definitive place to find case studies. For the past 70 years, the general public have sent emails, letters and correspondance to the Rhine to report their extraordinary experiences.