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The Living Matrix Movie

The Living Matrix is a movie that will shake up your perceptions of reality, wondering what is possible for humankind. Covering topics such as the placebo effect, heart coherence, bioenergetics and morphic field theory, 'The Living Matrix' encompasses the science of mind-body medicine and suggests a new science of healing.   The film is based around the premise that … [Read more...]

Human Consciousness Research: The Rhine Center

The Rhine Center, located in Durham, North Carolina, is a center for the study of Consciousness. In fact, they were the first to explore the potential of the mind, with founder J.B Rhine and his wife Louisa starting telepathy experiments over 70 years ago. When Joseph B. and Louisa Rhine joined Professor William McDougall at the newly founded Duke University in 1927, the … [Read more...]

Benefits of meditation by Dr Peter Malinowski

Whole Science caught up with Dr Peter Malinowski, Lecturer and Researcher at Liverpool John Moores University, about the event 'Sustaining Happiness: The Science of Buddhist Meditation' In this interview Peter discusses the benefits of meditation and how the scientific study of meditation is progressing... Benefits of meditation by Dr Peter Malinowski Whole Science … [Read more...]

How the mind can heal the body: Dr David Hamilton

David Hamilton, author of 'Its the Thought that Counts' shares his research into the power of the mind as detailed in his new book, How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body. David shares some of the incredible visualisation techniques people have used to heal themselves of illness and disease, and shares his own personal story of self-healing.       How your mind can heal your … [Read more...]