Your silent servant: your body is listening to your thoughts

gutSurprising as it sounds, your body is listening to every thought you have, and will respond to your most dominant thoughts.

For example, imagine you have a particularly difficult project coming up at work that you are dreading working on. The week before you begin to feel more anxious, and secretly wish that you didn’t have to do it. These thoughts accumulate until 48 hours before the project begins- and guess what- you have a bad case of the flu. It can’t be helped, and of course you take the next few days off.

 You can admit this isn’t the best way to get time off work, being stuck in bed with only a box of tissues for company! But your body has its mission accomplished- it granted your wish.Becoming aware of this we can develop a much more intimate relationship with ourselves and our bodies. We can figure out the subtle connections that link our emotions to our health and take control of working through them. As you are probably aware, emotional stress and strain has an effect on the body.
But sometimes even those small things have an effect. Think about the friend who, every time you meet them, is extremely negative and pessimistic about themselves and their situation. Rather than feeling on a high after you meet them, you leave feeling like you’ve just done five rounds with Mike Tyson- drained, exhausted and worn out! So the next time you have that splitting headache before you go to meet your friend, stop, and think – what is my body trying to tell me? I’m sure you’ll guess its trying to get you out of the situation.
More and more of us are beginning to recognise that our minds and emotions can and do have a significant impact on our health. Stress is one of the major causes of illness in the Western world today, and our fast paced, high-impact lifestyle means that countless work days are lost through ‘being under stress’.
 But what exactly is ‘stress’? Well, if we think about the word in a technical sense, stress really means strain or pressure. If we put stress on a chain we are putting force on it or overloading it in some way.
How can we relieve stress? It’s all about consciously focusing your mind to reach for alternative ways of experiencing things we once deemed as ‘stressful’. This means having a harmony between doing and being- ‘choosing’ to work, for example, instead of ‘having’ to. Just consider- what would be the impact on your health if you chose to work everyday, instead of feeling like you had to? I’m sure it means you’re feeling less stressed, less pressured. It may seem strange that taking back control of your thoughts towards your life may lead to greater physical health, but with the new scientific revolution comes the understanding that our mental, physical, and emotional health are inseparable. And more than that, they depend on each other.
Not only can your mental health determine your physical health, but your physical health can determine your mental health. We all know that depressed people aren’t the most physically healthy or energetic, and research has now shown that our mental state can make us more susceptible to illness and disease. Yet the opposite is also true, for bodily discomfort and pain can lead to mental anguish and trauma. Your body speaks your mind in the most mysterious of ways. Whatever you truly feel in your heart, even if you do not consciously acknowledge the feeling or emotion, will eventually show up in your body. It’s like a weed that grows in an area until we pay attention and dig deep into our emotions to resolve it.
 What is your body telling you right now?

Whole Science asks: Do you think well being and emotional state are related?
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  • Kim Webb

    Are well being and emotional state related – absolutely. Everything is connected! Absolutely everything.