Program your mind for positivity

470762_freedomWe all wish we could be more positive in certain situations. In whatever area of our life we get down about, whether its our career, our finances, our health, our relationships or ourselves, a positive attitude is something that we need to cultivate, until it becomes a habit.

Realising we have conscious control over our thoughts is the first step to positivity.

Quite often, we blame others or outside situations outside ourselves for our lack of positivity. It’s those people or things that are causing us to be negative, we say.

But don’t we have a choice? We can not only choose how to react to events and experiences, we can actually program our mind for positivity.

It’s all about your expectations and beliefs towards those events or experiences. For example, someone who expects every time they go shopping it will be a stressful experience, it inevitably will be because of their beliefs and expectations.

You see, we filter out information according to our beliefs and expectations. We actually unconsciously look for things in our experience that affirm our beliefs. So when that person walks into a busy shopping centre, the first thing they’ll be thinking about is the stress, not what they’re going to buy.

So our beliefs about a situation determine our attitude. If ever you’ve felt ‘stuck’, like things were not moving forward for you or in the right way that you wanted them to, you could find it hard to adopt a positive attitude. ‘But its not how I want it’ you may say.

In order to program our mind for positivity, we need to realise that no situation, event, or person is ‘good’ or ‘bad’, ‘positive’, or ‘negative’. It is only our response to them that makes it so.

Begin to look for the positive in every situation, even the so called ‘bad’ situations. What could you get out of this event that could be a positive thing for you?

Program your mind by expecting a positive result. Expect people to be positive and situations to turn out positively. You’ll notice a difference instantly- before the experience has even happened. You’re feeling more positive- because you consciously decided to be.