How to visualize

visualisingVisualization, or mental imagery as it is also known, is becoming scientifically recognised as having benefits for the successful outcome of an event. Many people don’t know how to visualize, or have trouble visualizing the exact thing they want. Here’s a few tips to ensure you make visualizing part of your daily routine:

1. If you can, make sure you’re in an ‘alpha’ brain wave state. This is the state of consciousness when you are relaxing, daydreaming, or a similar state. You’re usually in alpha when you first wake up in the morning- your mind is quite blank and you are not thinking too much. Try visualizing for 5 minutes each morning before you get out of bed.

2. Create the mental image of the successful completion. You can imagine, in minute detail, exactly how you would like a particular situation to turn out. Make the picture as big, as bright, and as clear as you can. See it in your mind’s eye as if you were watching a movie- and in real time. Imagine every detail, and make the picture clear and focused.

3. Add sounds, feelings, and thoughts. So for example, if you were visualizing getting a new job, feel how you would feel if you got told you had the job. What feelings are associated to the successful outcome of the event? Is it confidence, joy, security? Think what you would be saying to yourself once you have achieved this important goal.

4.Repeat your mental image as often as possible. Usually, the best times to do this are in ‘wasted time’ so for example queing at a checkout, stuck in traffic, washing the dishes, etc. You can even do it in your relaxation time, so for example when sunbathing or in the bath.

5. Do whatever it takes to increase the positive feelings attached to your visualizations. For example, listen to some uplifting music to allow you to feel happy whilst doing this process. Find a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed. It can be a particular chair, or a place outdoors in nature- whatever works for you.