Fear: The only thing that limits your mindset

feelWhen it comes to harnessing the potential of our minds, successful people the world over have had an ability to close their mind off to thoughts of fear. They don’t allow fearful thoughts such as ‘What if’, or ‘I might not be able to’ or ‘I shouldn’t’ or ‘I can’t’ to stop them from achieving what they truly want in life.

Fear surrounds us in our daily life. Every day, we hear something in the media that makes us fearful. In fact, we’re probably so used to thinking and feeling fear on a daily basis that it just seems normal for us- to be a little scared, to be a little on edge, to be a little frightened about all the ‘what if’s’ that could threaten our health or well being.

But there is another choice.

You see those people who have decided not to let fear rule their life are the ones with possibilities, the ones whose minds are limitless.

Fear makes us disconnect, and narrow our choices. We become frozen in our fear; and we fail to make choices that might make us happy because we’re scared of what might happen if we do.

Besides allowing yourself more options, there’s another reason to refuse fear in your life.

And that’s to do with our health.

The Institute of HeartMath has found that we are constantly emitting our emotions electromagnetically, through the heart’s field. We literally ‘broadcast’ fear, and this electromagnetic communication is also sending a signal to each of your cells.

Fear and worry destabilise the body, and make it more susceptible to ill health. We now know more than ever before that our mind can and does have a significant effect on our body. Having fear for our health is sending a signal to our brain that says ‘ill health’. Our brain does not know the difference between a real and an imagined picture, so by creating pictures in your mind of all the fear- all the ”what if’s’, actually make it more likely that they will occur.

Begin to replace images with fear towards things that you do want. Why condition your mind to expect dissapointment, lack and unhappiness?

You can now begin to see your mind as a tool; if you like, a faithful servant that will guide to whatever you’re holding in mind. Fear only stops you from living a full life.