Do you focus your mind on the things you want, or don’t want?

1164854_confidemtMany of us wish that something was better in our lives. In fact, we spend so much time thinking about what needs improving that we often lose sight of what we are mentally focusing on.

We begin to focus not on the things we want, but the absence of it. For example, we could want a partner so much that all we can think about is that we don’t have a partner. Our mindset becomes filled with images of being alone, and we feel bad and ‘down’ whenever the topic of ‘relationships’ comes up in conversation.

What we’re actually doing here, without realising it, is cultivating a negative focus with our minds. We’re focused so much on the absence of not having it that it begins to become impossible to ever have it.

We then create self limitations; we actually look for the cause of our fear. ‘I’ll never meet anyone’, shows up in our experience as failed dates, negative relations with the opposite sex, and the expectation of absence, rather than a presence of love in your life.

Really, our mental focus determines our experience. If we begin to shift our focus from what we don’t have or want to what we do want, then our emotions shift- from pessimism, to optimism. We begin to focus our mind on the feelings of love, for example, the feelings of happiness, and security, rather than negative feelings of self-doubt and unworthiness.

Once you begin to focus your mind onto what you do want, your unconscious mind will naturally look out for it. You’ll begin to expect the presence of that in your life.

Above all, keeping your focus means having faith in yourself. It means having the self belief to know that although you don’t currently have the job, relationship, finances that you deserve; with continued focus, you will get there in the end.