Can hypnosis allow us to get in touch with our ‘sixth sense’?

hypnosisHypnosis as a therapeutic tool for self improvement is now widely used, but the mysteries of hypnosis are still unsolved. What part of ourselves are we tapping into in this altered state of consciousness- could we access forms of knowledge that are not accessible via conscious awareness?

For example, can hypnosis faciliate ESP (Extra Sensory Perception)? Is the hypnotic trance state conducive to psi in general?

That’s what consciousness researchers are attempting to discover. Noted parapsychologist Rex Stanford (1992) found that psi scoring was higher in a hypnotic state than in control conditions in 16 of 20 studies.

The experience of deep hypnosis is one markedly different from to our usual state of consciousness. Tart (1970) found that it included phenomena such as deep relaxation of the body until awareness of it was lost, awareness of breathing disappearing, time slowing down, and increasing feelings of oneness with everything.

It has, however, been difficult to empirically measure the trance state, especially the different ‘levels’ of hypnosis. Etzel Cardena from the university of Lund in Sweden used standard hypnotizability scales to select highly hypnotizable patients. Cardena (2005) found that most anomalous phenomena was reported when participants were in a deep or very deep state of hypnosis.

The sensation of lightness became more pronounced with participants reporting “it’s just sort of me floating” “I don’t have a physical body anymore” Cardena notes that the patterns of these strange anomalous hypnotic experiences are both consistent and correlate with other anomalous phenomena such as the out of body experience (feeling of floating out of the body) and the near death experience ( a sense of inner peace and well being).

Cardena found that these phenomenons occur only in deep states of hypnosis. It is as if the more our conscious mind is ‘quietened’, the more paranormal experiences occur…

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