Benefits of meditation: 10 reasons why you should meditate


When you think of meditation, what thoughts or feelings come to mind? You’re probably thinking of a serene person who seems calm and focused, and you’d be right. Many of us feel that meditation is just another chore to fit into our day, and taking this special relaxation time is something that most of us would see as a luxury.

But what many people are unaware of are the enormous benefits of meditation. This is because meditation is not just relaxation; it is a focused state of consciousness that lends itself to a state of awareness quite unlike ordinary consciousness.

Here’s 10 reasons why just 5-10 minutes of meditation a day could improve your life…

  1. Release your stress As stress is induced by stimulation of the hypothalamus of the brain, relaxation can achieved by countering this stimulation – by stimulating other areas of the brain through meditation. Practising meditation on a daily basis can significantly lower your response to stress.
  2. Improve your concentration Many athletes and sportspeople use the power of meditation to help them focus your mind. Meditation can help stop ‘mental chatter’ and calm a busy mind. It is therefore especially useful for times of exam stress or revision.
  3. Lowers blood pressureMeditation also lowers your blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure, then it may be beneficial to practise meditation in addition to other treatment.
  4. Releases mental anxietyAs mentioned earlier, meditation can take the mental stress away as it is a focused state of consciousness. If you have a lot on your mind and something is bothering you, you might find that meditation allows you to feel better about the situation and less anxious.
  5. Decreases muscle tension and headaches If you are a person that holds a lot of tension in your body, then meditation offers a way to completely let go at both the physical and physiological levels. Likewise, if you are a person that gets ‘stress headaches’, caused by tension and frustration, meditation can help to unwind, relax, and see things from a different perspective.
  6. Builds self-confidenceBecause meditation makes you feel calm and centered, most meditators begin to feel a sense of inner strength and peace by ‘connecting’ with their own selves through the practice of meditation.
  7. Reduces PMSMeditation appears to have a calming influence on the mood swings that premenstrual women often experience.
  8. Improves your happinessBecause meditation increases mental strength, meditators often find that they have greater resilience and energy and are less affected by the stresses of life- in short, they are happier.
  9. Boosts the immune systemMeditation has been proven to boost the immune system, meaning those who meditate are more physically resilient to illness and disease. Meditation has also been found to slow the aging process.
  10. Helps you sleep betterThe benefits of meditation mean your mind is used to entering into an alpha or even a theta state; and therefore your mind will be conditioned to ‘letting go’ and entering into a restful state.
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  • Meditation is all about being aware of our body-mind. In meditation we become aware of our thoughts, feelings and body movements.