5 ways to release negative thoughts

letting goWhen it comes to taking control of our minds, negative thoughts are probably the main thing that stops most of us in allowing a happier life. Negative thoughts have their roots in fear, and recognising when thoughts filled with worry creep in to your mind is the first step to eliminating them.

With practise, you’ll be able to cancel negative thoughts whenever they come into your mind- and build a mind that is resilient to the ups and downs of life.

1. Realise that your thoughts of worry are usually focused towards the future or the past. If you’re thinking negatively because you’d like things to be different, or feeling bad because you’re thinking about things that have happened, realise all of your control is in this moment now. Decide to release the fear attached to the future and the past and focus on what positives could be gained from the situation.

2. Realise that your negative thoughts are usually towards things you can’t control– external events and situations outside of yourself. You can allow yourself to release them as you notice that thinking negatively is only impacting you, not anything else.

3. Notice if its a question of self-worth. Are you thinking negatively about the situation because deep down, you don’t feel you believe it or deserve it? Sometimes we unconsciously self-sabotage our desires by thinking and reacting negatively because we dont feel we deserve it. Be your own best friend.

4. Realise that you are in control. No one can ‘make’ you feel negative, no-one simply has that power over your own mind. You can choose, in each and every situation, whether you are going to react positively or negatively.

5. Do you have a limiting belief? Do you have a belief that it won’t work out in the way you want? Do you believe, for example, that work=stress? Or that you have to sacrifice a lot to get what you want? Once you are aware of your limiting beliefs, you can begin to change them by choosing to see things from a different perspective.

Once we realise that we are in conscious control of our thoughts, all it takes is a few times of being consciously aware of and changing our negativity to be able to think more positively, and more clearly about situations.

Decide that you are in control- don’t be a slave to your thoughts.

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