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About Visualisation

What is visualisation? Visualisation is also known as Mental Imagery, or Visual Mental Rehearsal (VMR), and is a technique that has been proven to be extraordinarily successful in producing a specific outcome. Why is it important? Visualisation evidence suggests that our mind plays an important role in the creation of our experience, and therefore it may be possible to … [Read more...]

About Belief and Placebo

What is the placebo effect? The placebo effect is a term used in medicine whereby someone's beliefs or ideas about a treatment make their body respond to a physiologically inactive procedure- either a ‘drug' or ‘surgery'. Why is it important? Belief and placebo are important because it means that our beliefs can alter our physiological chemistry, which is profoundly … [Read more...]

About Meditation

What is meditation? Meditation is a focused state of inner absorption whereby the individual consciously relaxes their mind to achieve a deeper state of awareness and inner calm. Why is it important? Meditation has recently begun to be scientifically studied, and the health benefits are varied, including improved psychological and physical well being. It is becoming apparent … [Read more...]

Podcast with Sue Stone:How to focus your mind for success

Sue Stone is a living example of what changing your focus can do for you. Sue began to use her mind in a focused way when her husband left her with £250,000 worth of debt and with three children. She began to use the power of intention and mental imagery to focus on what she wanted out of live and her techniques have brought her extraordinary results- she now has a top … [Read more...]

Your silent servant: your body is listening to your thoughts

Surprising as it sounds, your body is listening to every thought you have, and will respond to your most dominant thoughts. For example, imagine you have a particularly difficult project coming up at work that you are dreading working on. The week before you begin to feel more anxious, and secretly wish that you didn’t have to do it. These thoughts accumulate until 48 hours … [Read more...]