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Don’t want to look old? Then think happy!

When you think about getting old, what thoughts or feelings spring to mind? brittle? complaining? confused, cranky? feeble? or active? alert? distinguished? knowledgeable? The University of Texas found that signs of frailty in the aging were much less pronounced from those with a positive, upbeat attitude than those who felt more pessimistic. The team of scientists carried … [Read more...]

Epigenetics: the mind’s control above your genes

What if your mind was the 'master controller' of your body? What if you were no longer a victim of your genetic makeup, but your environment had the ability to change your genetic DNA? Bruce Lipton, author of the book 'The Biology of Belief', is uncovering a controversial new science of health termed 'epigenetics'- which literally means 'control above or over the … [Read more...]

Don’t want to catch a cold this winter? Then stay positive!

'The common cold' is well known to be something that we are all susceptible to catching in winter, but studies have shown that psychological factors may play a part in whether you are likely to catch a cold or not. Research done at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh in 2002 has shown that positivity 'protects' against colds. How? Well, they took 334 healthy … [Read more...]

Report: The Science of Meditation at the BA Science Festival

 The BA Festival of Science came to Liverpool in 2008, and Whole Science was there for an event called 'Sustaining Happiness: The Science of Buddhist Meditation'. What was the talk about?  The event centered around the importance of psychological well-being and happiness and its relation to health. Within this context, meditation practice and the development of … [Read more...]

The Science of Mind Over Matter

Imagine that scientists discovered a new drug that could cure or improve the symptoms of most known diseases. Just one pill! Wouldn't it make headline news all around the world, and become the greatest selling drug of all time? Such a thing already exists. Let me introduce to you - The Placebo!          " The placebo effect has evolved from being thought of as a nuisance in … [Read more...]