How your thoughts can influence your health

mindRecently, a British newspaper ran a story on a woman who supposedly had ‘conversion syndrome’ – the ability of psychological trauma manifesting itself as physical illness in the body.

The woman’s own mind had the power to influence her physical health- her years of trauma resulted in spasms of the body, bladder failure and her eyesight disappearing.

After years of medical tests and attempted diagnoses, the conclusion that was finally made that her physical ill health was somehow linked to the emotional trauma resulting from being in an abusive relationship for almost 20 years.

But what was going on here? If mind is really separate from matter, as mainstream science suggests, then what explanation do we have for such anomalous phenomena?

Dr Ingrams, the woman’s GP stated ‘It’s well known in the medical world that every illness has a psychological component. It’s how you react to what is happening to you that will depend on how well you get over it. ‘Even with something as simple as a cold, some people are more stoical and get over it in days while others take to their bed. One of the benefits of being a long-term GP is that you get to know people and how they respond to things.’

There has been various studies on the link between psychological well being and physical health. Whole Science has previously reported on this regarding research into why certain people are more susceptible to the common cold.

For decades, the notion of ‘psychosomatic illness’ has been taken for granted. The link between emotional stress and physiological discord has most recently been investigated by HeartMath, who have proved that negative emotions produce physiological ‘incoherence’ within the body and greatly impact cognitive functioning and parasympathetic activity.

So, in your experience, have you found that negative emotions increase your chance of illness, or is this merely a coincidental phenomenon?



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