How to release stress and take control of your emotions

68669_water_drop_series_1Stress is a major contributing factor in the West to much of our ill health. Often, we get so overwhelmed with life that we feel that we ‘can’t cope’, and the only way many of us seem to deal with this fast pace of life is to turn to alcohol, food, or something else to relieve stress from our minds.

Rather than get to a stage where our emotions can rule our life and effectively cause us to ‘burn out’, there are many ways that you can learn to regain control of your emotional state.

Biofeedback technology has become very popular in recent years, which is the application of technology that measures your autonomic nervous system (your heartrate, your blood pressure, etc). This means through using biofeedback technology we can effectively learn to train our bodies to be in a calm state.

In addition, meditation is fast becoming a tool for releasing stress and allowing yourself to have a clear mind.

You haven’t got time for all that?

There is also a quick, short, 5 minute technique developed by the research institute HeartMath, who have developed the Introductory Coherence Technique.

This aligns your heart to focus on positive emotions, such as appreciation and care, and the rhythmic breathing that accompanies it means that your body will naturally fall into a state of physiological coherence, which has been proven to reduce stress, improve mental clairity, improve mood and well being, plus more. It is physically impossible to feel stress when you are in the coherent state.

Science has now made it possible to use practical applications to be able to clear your mind and gain clarity from a peaceful perspective.

So if you’re feeling stressed, remember you have the power to release it- just by shifting your thoughts.