Don’t want to look old? Then think happy!

oldladyWhen you think about getting old, what thoughts or feelings spring to mind? brittle? complaining? confused, cranky? feeble? or active? alert? distinguished? knowledgeable?

The University of Texas found that signs of frailty in the aging were much less pronounced from those with a positive, upbeat attitude than those who felt more pessimistic.

The team of scientists carried out research on 1558 older people to distinguish a link between positive emotions and the onset of aging.

But thats not all.

New research in the field of mind-body medicine has shown that the aging process can be influenced by the mind.

Poor memory, forgetfulness and confusion are commonly associated with old age, and most people assume that the brain is like a machine that ‘wears out’ towards the end of life.

The aging process is shown in the brain by a thinning of the cortex, the place where we process sensory input and that deals with attention.

However, research done at Harvard University has shown that meditation increases the cortical thickness of the brain, the place in the brain which usually thins with age.

So it appears that meditation and positive emotions may actually slow down the aging process- an important discovery that will need further investigation…

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