Don’t want to catch a cold this winter? Then stay positive!

cold?‘The common cold’ is well known to be something that we are all susceptible to catching in winter, but studies have shown that psychological factors may play a part in whether you are likely to catch a cold or not.

Research done at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh in 2002 has shown that positivity ‘protects’ against colds.


Well, they took 334 healthy volunteers and exposed them to the cold virus by giving them nasal drops. They were assessed beforehand on their emotional state and their tendency to experience positive emotions.

The research found that the tendency to experience positive emotions corresponded to increased resistance against the virus.

Perhaps our emotions and thoughts do have a significant effect on how susceptible we are to illness. After all, we know that stress lowers the immune system.

So this winter, wrap up, and stay happy!

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  • The usual remedy for common cold is just lots of water, fruit juice and also vitamin-C tablets.*-“