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How to release stress and take control of your emotions

Stress is a major contributing factor in the West to much of our ill health. Often, we get so overwhelmed with life that we feel that we 'can't cope', and the only way many of us seem to deal with this fast pace of life is to turn to alcohol, food, or something else to relieve stress from our minds. Rather than get to a stage where our emotions can rule our life and … [Read more...]

The Global Coherence Initiative

The Global Coherence Initiative is a new research project with the Institute of HeartMath and other scientists to discover the correlations between human's electromagnetic outputs and those of the earth's magnetic field. Researchers at HeartMath have previously discovered that the human heart energetically broadcasts emotions through its electromagnetic field. The hearts field … [Read more...]

10 fascinating facts about hypnosis

Recently, Professor Speigel of Stanford University made headlines by stating "It is time for hypnosis to work its way into the mainstream of British medicine". The research into hypnosis is still in its infancy, however there has been enough studies, both in the lab and in the thousands of therapeutic case studies, to warrant further exploration into this mystifying state of … [Read more...]

How your thoughts can influence your health

Recently, a British newspaper ran a story on a woman who supposedly had 'conversion syndrome' - the ability of psychological trauma manifesting itself as physical illness in the body. The woman's own mind had the power to influence her physical health- her years of trauma resulted in spasms of the body, bladder failure and her eyesight disappearing. After years of medical … [Read more...]

Meditation as Medication: Overcoming ADHD with the mind

A new study conducted by an American University has shown that Transcendental Meditation can help to alleviate stress and improve overall well being. It has been used as a possible way to overcome the symptoms of ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Up until now, the only way to treat conditions of this kind was to pacify the sufferer with a cocktail of … [Read more...]